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PalletOne Airdrop Is Coming!

Release time:2018-08-03 09:59:41

PalletOne team has always attached great importance to community construction and maintenance. We hopes to build a harmonious PalletOne ecosystem, in which all the participants can be highly motivated. PalletOne launches a series of bounty programs to reward the fans who pay great attention to the project.

Recently, we noticed that a large number of abnormal accounts have flooded into the official Telegraph group (p (, whi which is one of the airdrop distribution channels. To prevent the scammers and bots, PalletOne team set a more strict review mechanism to make sure the tokens could be distributed among our real fans in the community.

At the same time, in response to the community demands, PalletOne will begin multi-channel airdrop activities from August 1st.

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PalletOne publishes its official announcements via, mails, and our published media accounts. Everything else is most likely scam.