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Announcement | PalletOne Main Network Will Be Officially Launched on June 30th

Release time:2019-06-26 14:04:06

Dear PalletOne Users,

PalletOne main network is scheduled to be officially launched at 18:00 (Beijing Time) on June 30, 2019. The main network launch will be divided into three stages, with an estimated period of three months.


The First Stage: Small-scale network running, in order to verify the basic functions of main network. 6.30 – 7.21

The Target of The Stage:

·        Complete the small-scale network system construction;

·        Verify core functions such as token pledge, node block production and jury contract execution;

·        Run the block explorer officially on the main network with Chinese, English and Korean versions;

·        Official wallet officially accesses to the internal testing.


The Second StageThe core network runs, and tests basic security  performance7.22 – 8.31

The Target of The Stage:

·        Complete the core network system construction;

·        Complete the load test of network running and basic security performance;

·        Implement jury node function verification;

·        Complete large-scale beta testing of the official wallet function

·        Complete the main network conversion technical docking job with exchanges;

·        The tokens of super nodes conversion to the main network.


The Third Stage: The whole network stability verification9.1 -9.30

The Target of The Stage:

·        The pledged mining and block production reward on the main network officially start;

·        Run the whole network nodes;

·        Complete the whole node operation stability verification of whole network, and execute the load test and security test of the whole network;

·        Complete the official wallet security test and publish it;

·        Prepare to complete the main network technical switch for exchanges.


About Pledged Mining

According to the main network launch schedule, PalletOne extended the end time of the currently executed pledge mining event to 23:59 (Beijing time) on August 31, 2019, and completed the super node token converse to the main network in advance. The main network system officially ran the pledge mining and block production rewards on September 1st, 2019 at 00:00 (Beijing time).


About The Main Network token Conversion Time:

After full network security verification and load testing, PalletOne will start the user's main network token conversion work as scheduled in early October 2019. At that time, the user can perform the main network token conversion operation according to the official detailed token conversion scheme.


PalletOne is a high-performance public chain cross-chain carrier that realizes value circulation. The launch of the main network is only the beginning, and we still have a long way to go. After the main network is launched, we need to focus on building a complete cross-chain based blockchain ecosystem, and establish a multi-chain symbiotic and multi-chain interoperable value “inter-chain network” to maximize the value of the blockchain network.


——PalletOne Foundation


PalletOne publishes its official announcements via, mails, and our published media accounts. Everything else is most likely scam.