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Announcement | PalletOne Main Network Has Been Officially Launched

Release time:2019-06-30 18:00:46

Dear PalletOne Users,


PalletOne main network had been officially launched at 18:00 (Beijing Time) on June 30, 2019.  After that, PalletOne will enter the small-scale network running stage of the main network. The block explorer address is: The PalletOne main network starts has been divided into 3 stages: small-scale network running, core network running, and the whole network stability verification.


Up to now, 9 nodes have passed the audit and set up the server as required. Next, they will participate in the first stage of PalletOne main network launch. The detailed information about the nodes we mentioned are below:


Token School

Token School is jointly initiated by blockchain industry and entity industry experts such as Meng Yan, focusing on the popularization of blockchain thoughts, dedicating to the application and promotion of industrial blockchain, and assisting in the innovation and landing of excellent projects. The vision is to create a platform for learning and communicating the token economy, and let the entrepreneurs, learners and practitioners who are concerned about the commerce of the blockchain and the token economy. At the same time, the school has gathered a group of experts in the fields of finance and commerce and blockchain technology to share the cross-industry information, and encourage and absorb entrepreneurs who was in traditional industries to join in, to help them achieve the tokenization, and to connect the resources and capitals inside and outside of the industry.



RainChain is a community media focusing on blockchain technology and applications. It focuses on the popularization of blockchain technology and applications. The RainChain community continued to adhere to weekly technology and application sharing, and has won extensive support from industry professionals at home and abroad. The sharing guests are from North America, EU, Japan, China and other industry leaders and top experts, including well-known North American investors and economists. Bitcoin early investors, EU digital currency and blockchain industry leaders, senior Internet people, the Huobi exchange partners and founding promoters of the Token School etc.



It is from Seoul, South Korea, this agency integrates investment and blockchain communities. Chainbox will actively communicate with community individuals, businesses and institutions, and through the dissemination and promotion of PalletOne related technical solutions and contents, organize seminars to help educate the community, cultivate communities and enthusiasts to understand, use and develop PaletteOne-based Dapp.



Stathalo is the governing unit of Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance. It is initiated by blockchain pioneers, blockchain industry alliances, returnees and blockchain entrepreneurs, with a vision of a media technology group that integrates blockchain technology, cultural media, financial services and industry incubation. It is focusing on building a creation and technology-driven blockchain media technology group and the blockchain industry community and creative market public relations services, and gradually building a blockchain ecological platform.


Lieyun CJ

Lieyun CJ is the vertical blockchain media of Lieyun Group. The core team is from well-known media such as Tencent, Sina, Netease, etc., and has rich media experience. With the development concept of “content first, community precipitation, service landing”, Lieyun CJ has more than 100,000 blockchain investors and fans community. It always adheres to the objective, professional, deep and forward-looking style, pays attention to and promotes the healthy development of the blockchain industry that let them won good reputation and influence in the industry.



Basic Intelligent Manufacture Token is an innovative application of blockchain technology in the field of industrial internet and intelligent manufacturing. We encrypt and deposit industrial Internet data (equipment/production data, collaborative manufacturing data) based on the PalletOne blockchain technology to achieve data trustworthiness, traceability and data validation. It not only reflects the value of data, but also realizes the assetization of data and the flow of transactions. It is the first application of blockchain technology in the field of industrial Internet in China.



Vector.Link is a blockchain technology company specializing in the financial field of industrial supply chain. Industrial supply chain finance is the development direction of supply chain finance, and the core of risk control pays more attention to trading scenarios. Through in-depth cooperation with industrial Internet platform, Vector.Link helps enterprises to find out the financial scenarios of supply chain and help them to finance quickly.

Vector.Link has developed DFAP (Digital Finance Asset Protocol) technology with independent IP rights, which has been approved by many financial institutions for risk control, and has been applied in logistics, food safety, pharmaceutical cold chain and other industries.




The graphene in the blockchain refers to the Graphene Blockchain library. Based on this architecture, EOS founder Daniel Larimer developed far-reaching projects such as BitShares, Steem, and EOS. Hundreds of graphene-based blockchain projects in the world had been launched. In order to promote the development of graphene ecology, the global graphene blockchain application center is established to popularize and promote graphene blockchain technology to developers-oriented public, and to strengthen communication between graphene ecological projects.



The Coins in Guideline community includes blockchain media, high-quality public chain nodes, rating websites, and high-quality projects incubation, and is committed to becoming an integrated ecosystem of media-community-quality public chain nodes.


——PalletOne Foundation




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