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Technical Progress | PalletOne Has Implemented Automated Testing of Mediator Transition

Release time:2019-06-14 17:33:11

PalletOne has implemented automated testing of Mediator Transition based on Robot FrameWork testing framework. Robot FrameWork is a python-written functional automated testing framework, which has good scalability, supports keyword-driven, can test multiple types of clients or interfaces at the same time, and carries out distributed test execution. With existing keywords, testers can create their own keywords and form higher-level behavior.


Mediator is responsible for the overall security of PalletOne network and uses DPoS to reach consensus. Through the programmed test cases, the candidate Mediator can be voted on, and the Mediator with high votes will become a new active Mediator after the transition time.


Because the test is automatically executed, there are no omissions or errors in the execution process, which entirely depends on the design quality of the test. Once the test case has passed the powerful automatic test, the trust of the tested program module will be naturally increased.

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