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Technical Progress | PalletOne Has Implemented ETH Deposit and Withdrawal Contracts

Release time:2019-06-18 17:33:33

PalletOne has now implemented ETH deposit and withdrawal contracts. If users want to exchange Token with other users, the ETH can be stored in the multi-signed contract of ETH, which can be achieved by invoking PalletOne contract to get ETH mapping Token; if users who have ETH mapping Token want to exchange ETH, they can invoke PalleOne contract to withdraw; in addition, developers can write other PalletOne contracts to complete richer features. In PalletOne, all types of services are created through contracts, based on PalletOne contracts, to achieve the exchange of multiple public chain assets.

PalletOne publishes its official announcements via, mails, and our published media accounts. Everything else is most likely scam.